Pedestrians Ignored a Freezing, Homeless Child for over Two Hours until This Happened

Pedestrians Ignored a Freezing, Homeless Child for Two Hours.

If you saw a young child in the freezing cold, what would you do? Some pedestrians in New York City walked past a freezing, homeless child for over two hours without a single person offering to help.

YouTube pranksters OckTV did a social experiment to determine how long it would take someone to help and the reaction by the pedestrians might disappoint you. It was 5 degrees in NYC that day and while everyone was walking with warm clothes, he was simply in a t-shirt with no shoes and only a plastic bag to stay warm.


Homeless people have huge hearts and videos like these only prove it. If you liked this video, here is another important social experiment involving a homeless man on crutches. Videos like these bring awareness to social issues and hopefully will encourage discussions to prevent future situations like these from happening.

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