Pedestrians Ignored a Freezing, Homeless Child for Over Two Hours Until This Happened

If you saw a young child in the freezing cold, what would you do? In a chilling social experiment conducted by YouTube pranksters OckTV, the true colors of humanity were put to the test when a young child was left stranded in freezing temperatures on the streets of New York City. Despite the bustling crowds and numerous pedestrians passing by, it took over two hours before anyone offered assistance to the freezing, homeless child.

Pedestrians Ignored a Freezing, Homeless Child for Two Hours.

On that bitterly cold day, with the temperature plummeting to 5 degrees, the child stood outside looking for help. Clad in nothing more than a t-shirt and lacking even a pair of shoes, he clung to a thin plastic bag in a desperate attempt to shield himself from the harsh elements. As time passed, it became increasingly evident that the child’s plight was going unnoticed by those who walked past him, engrossed in their own concerns and seemingly oblivious to the suffering before their eyes.

Watch this video of a freezing homeless child…a little boy left in the cold…


The video serves as a stark reminder of the unfortunate reality faced by many homeless individuals, particularly vulnerable children. While the lack of action by the pedestrians may disappoint viewers, it also sheds light on the resilience and compassion exhibited by homeless people themselves. Their experiences in the face of adversity often nurture empathy and understanding. They have a firsthand understanding of the hardships faced by those in similar situations.

Homeless people have huge hearts and videos like these only prove it. If you liked this video, here is another important social experiment involving a homeless man on crutches. Videos like these bring awareness to social issues. Hopefully, it will encourage discussions to prevent future situations like these from happening.

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