How This Man Used His Unlimited Olive Garden Pass Will Warm Your Heart

Man Feed Homeless with Olive Garden Unlimited Pasta Pass. Random acts of pasta!

Every once in a while, a story comes out that restores your faith in humanity and assures us that it’s people like this that makes the world a better place.¬†Matt Tribe of Ogden, Utah, was at work and noticed an article about Olive Garden selling an unlimited pasta pass. The Olive Garden pass entitles anyone to unlimited pasta for 7 weeks for only $100.

While nobody should feel like a glutton for using an unlimited pasta pass to feed their family, Tribe instead wanted to do something that would bring joy to the homeless in his community of Ogden. For nearly two months, he purchased pasta dishes with his unlimited pasta pass. He then delivered the food in person to the needy and their appreciation will make your day.

Watch random acts of pasta…


It’s amazing how many people instinctively want to make their world a better place. Matt Tribe should be applauded for using his Olive Garden pass to provide happiness to these random strangers in need. Don’t forget to visit Matt’s detailed journal of the joy he provided with his Olive Garden Unlimited Pasta Pass.

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