50 Pound Boxer Is No Match for This 5 Pound Cat and Is Afraid to Pass

Boxers are tough-looking dogs but they have a heart of gold and are incredibly loveable pets. These dogs are incredibly affectionate and love nothing more than showering their owners with love and attention. However, even the bravest of dogs have their weaknesses, and the following boxer dog in particular has just met his weakness, the family cat.

50 Pound Boxer Is Afraid of This 5 Pound Cat.

While dogs are great at scaring everything from bears to postal workers, many are still weary of cats. This is likely because cats are known for their cunning and ability to defend themselves, even against much larger predators. So when this boxer comes face to face with the family cat, he’s understandably wary.

In a hilarious video that’s sure to make you laugh, this boxer is seen timidly approaching the cat, only to back away when the cat swipes at him. For some reason, this video reminds me of the iconic scene from “The Lord of the Rings” where Gandalf declares “You shall not pass!” to a formidable foe. While his owner calls him over, he is visibly afraid of passing by the cat. This boxer is so cute but hilarious at the same time. Will he admit defeat or grab a cup of courage and walk past the cat?

Watch this hilarious dog afraid of a cat…


This funny pet video is a great reminder that even the toughest of dogs can be brought down by a feisty feline. And despite their differences, dogs and cats can still make great companions and provide endless entertainment for their owners. So the next time you see a boxer or any dog for that matter, remember that even the bravest of them can have a soft spot for their feline friends.

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