A firefighter spotted an old wooden box. The dog he found inside changed his life forever.

Firefighter's Life Is Changed After Saving Dog in a Wooden Box.

Just like when a police officer found a dog at an accident scene, a firefighter was going about his job when the unexpected happened. He was driving when he noticed a wooden box by the side of the road that looked suspicious so he stopped to take a look.

When he looked inside, he found a dog that would change his life. The short film was created by a student at Riverside Christian College and tells a story from the point of view of a dog. Watch how the firefighter and his new puppy share incredible moments throughout the years and only when you reach the end will you realize how the bond between and a pet and its owner is unlike any other.


It is an incredible story of how pets enrich our lives and it will have reaching for a tissue. Please share this touching story of a firefighter and his rescued dog with your friends and family.

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