Drowning Duck Is Rescued by Ice Bathing Norwegian Man

Norway is infamous for ice baths and for one Norwegian man, his weekly ice bathing session turned out to be a life-saving experience. When 36-year-old Lars Jørun Langøien decided to meet his friends by the shores of Sognsvann lake, he noticed a small duck had fallen through the ice.

Because he already had his swimwear on, his quick actions allowed him to jump into the lake and try saving the duck. After pulling it from the lake, he performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to remove water from its lungs. Shortly afterward, the duck appeared in fine form thanks to Lars and his quick thinking.

This adorable duck was only walking on the lake looking for food.

The duck then passed through the ice and was stuck underneath the ice and unable to break to the surface.

Noticing the animal in distress, Lars Jørun Langøien quickly jumped into the freezing water to capture the duck.

He then quickly swam back to shore and lay the duck onto the docks. The bird ingested a lot of water and Lars performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to help save him.

The little bird is visibly shaken by the ordeal but thanks to Lars for being at the right place at the right time, he has a second chance at life.

After the story appearing on VG, many people started calling Lars the ‘King of Ducks’. A brave man and a hero to an awesome duck.

H/t: VG and Reddit

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