Dogs Are More Than Pets, They Are Part of the Family. What This Beagle Does for His Family Will Warm Your Heart.

Charlie the Beagle Shows Us That Kids and Dogs Are BFFs.

Charlie the Beagle is one adorable dog. He was there to rock his beautiful baby sister Laura to sleep and he showed us how babies and dogs can be the best of friends. You’ve probably seen this beautiful duo grow up together on YouTube. Today, baby Laura is a toddler and has one of the best friends ever.

Charlie demonstrates that he is an important part of his family. The unconditional love and joy he provides to Laura and his family is immeasurable. Likewise, dogs require a family that is able to show the same love and appreciation for a lifetime and with baby Laura and her parents, Charlie has the best family ever. Watch this adorable video of Charlie doing what he does best, being a loving friend.

Watch Charlie the beagle prove that dogs are more than pets…they are family!


Whether it’s the excitement they give when you enter the door or that adorable snuggle when you sit down, dogs will always be a good friend. Please share this adorable video of Charlie the Beagle with your friends and family.

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