17 Animals That Have Long, Thick, and Luscious Hair You Only Wish You Had

Everybody loves healthy and luscious hair but most people have good hair days and sometimes bad hair days. These animals don’t bother with hair salons but they still have thick and shiny coats and many have long flowing locks many women would die for.

Most of these animals with long hair have evolved with long or thick hair for survival in harsh climates and but like a model on a runway, they’re not afraid of showing it off.

1) This fluffy cow looks so soft and cuddly…I want one.


2) This breed of pig is named Mangalica.


3) This Silkie Hen looks so soft and cuddly.


4) This Samoyed looks so majestic…and warm!


5) My cat allergy is acting up just looking at these Siberian cats.


6) I swear there is an Angora rabbit in there somewhere.


7) This beautiful Gypsy Vanner horse belongs in a fairy tale. Gorgeous.


8) Punk rockin’ Mary River turtle doesn’t have hair but actually has algae growing on its head.


9) Valais sheep are so cute I’ll count them from now on to lull myself to sleep.


10) Duster budgies have curled feathers caused by a rare mutation.


11) This Afghan hound is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S. Paris Hilton would be jealous.


12) A herding breed, Puli dogs would also be great at cleaning up spills.


13) This alien-looking Spotted Apatelodes caterpillar looks like it belongs in a ‘Men in Black’ sequel.


14) Ditto.


15) How does this cute Mini Highland cow see where it’s going?


16) I could comb this guinea pig all day.


17) The 80’s called, they want their wigs back. This Polish Buff Laced chicken is a Phyllis Diller Wannabe.

H/t: Bored Panda

True, some of these animals have feathers and not hair but they’re all cute nonetheless. Please share these cute and adorable animals with long hair that is also thick and luscious with your friends and family.

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