They Found Puppies Stuck in an 18-Foot Cave. Brave Rescuer Digs Down and Screams THIS!

Epic Puppy Rescue Nearly 18 Feet Into The Earth!

I have seen a lot of dog rescue videos but this one is one of the most intense yet. Hope For Paws is an incredible organization and we have featured many of their heartwarming dog rescues but this puppy rescue is a nail biter.

Hope For Paw’s founder, Eldad Hagar, and his team were attending a funeral for their dear friend when they received a call of a litter of puppies living in a cave. Their feral mother had avoided humans for years and they lived deep in a cave and getting them all safely out was a huge challenge but Hagar and his team never gave up.

Watch this epic puppy rescue nearly 18 feet into the earth!


This is definitely one of the most dangerous and intense dog rescues you will ever see. Thankfully, 9 puppies were saved and are sure to be looking for good homes soon. Don’t forget to visit Hope For Paws on Facebook and YouTube.

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