Nobody Wanted This Dog Until a Loving Couple Stepped in and Changed His Life. I Think I Need a Tissue.

Kleenex and the Heartwarming Video of a Dog Named 'Chance'.

Whether you’re a human being or a loving pet, living with a disability is never easy. An adorable dog was rescued after being hit by a car; however, this accident left him paralyzed from the waist down and nobody wanted to adopt him. That all changed when a loving couple stepped in and gave him a second chance at life. They gave him an appropriate name, ‘Chance’.

Michael, who is also disabled, adopted Chance and he and his wife give him all the love and attention he deserves. Michael and Chance can relate to each other and they support each other if they are struggling with something. Chance could not have found a better family to take care of him.

Watch these unlikely best friends enjoying life together…


The video was produced by Kleenex and I think I may need one right now. Please share this beautiful video of a loving family that gave Chance the home he deserves with your friends and family.

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