Cute Cats Hilariously Ring a Bell and What They Get in Return Is Hilarious!

Cats love to be pampered but sometimes cats can be a little lazy like this cat that doesn’t get up to drink water. The following adorable cats have just been given a bell and when they ring the bell, they get food!

Hilarious Cats Ring Bell to Get Kitty Treats. They Would Make Pavlov Happy!

Of course, they ring the bell steadily because who wouldn’t want an endless supply of treats? Ordering food as never been easier for this cat duo and they have their human trained very well!

Watch hilarious cats ringing a bell for food…


I have a feeling these cats won’t like it when they have their bell taken away from them.

Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments from the video, “Cats: Waiter Please!!” by Free Room Escape:

  1. “All fun and games until one of the cats finds the bell at 2 am.” – MtnNerd
  2. “So… wait. Did a human train the cats to ring a bell to get treats or.. did the cats train a human to give treats when he hears a bell????” – Rs Rt
  3. “The white and black cat looked at the other cat, and was thinking: ‘Use your own damn bell!'” – rucussing
  4. “My mom doesn’t like cats because she says that they scratch people and stuff but after I showed her these cute cats she said they are so CUTE (which is true) and now she loves cats!” – Scushca
  5. “MY HEART IS MELTING 😻” – Dragonholicc
  6. “Wow. They got their human servant well trained!” – themadcatlady
  7. “These cats should visit reception desks everywhere.” – AntsyBird
  8. “The Cat Is The Boss😱” – Рисуем Раскраски
  9. “And I can’t even keep my cat off of the table…” – Brock J
  10. “I like how the tabby realized he had a working bell in front of him and no need to hit the one on his right.” – Tigerman1138

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