13 Dogs and 1 Cat Are Treated to a Holiday Meal and It Is Priceless

Hilarious Holiday dinner for dogs and 1 cat in this hilarious Freshpet commercial.

Almost everyone who has owned a pet has fed their pet at least once from the dinner table. Looking down at your pet who has been staring at your plate for the past half-hour is enough for anybody to cave in and give their pet a small sample of food from the table.

Freshpet, an all-natural pet food company, created a hilarious commercial. It features 13 dogs and 1 cat hosting a holiday dinner party. You’ll see them enjoying a delicious meal and while most of the guests are on their best behavior, some of them will have you laughing at some of their actions.

The commercial also has an important mission regarding nutrition for our favorite dogs and cats. Freshpet¬†produces dog and cat food that¬†features fresh ingredients and this Freshpet’s nutritional philosophy and your furry family will love fresh, wholesome food.

Watch this hilarious Freshpet Holiday feast featuring a delicious dinner for dogs and 1 cat…


It is adorable to watch them all eat and enjoy themselves. As a bonus, many of the dogs in the video are available for adoption from the Humane Society of Utah. Please share this hilarious dinner for dogs and 1 cat with your friends and family.

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