21 Warm Winter Hats That Are Fun to Look at and Even More Fun to Wear

Winter hats are a necessity if you live in colder climates but wearing one doesn’t mean you can’t be original and stand apart from the crowd. These 21 knitted or crocheted winter hats scream originality and they are as much fun to look at as they are to wear.

What makes these hats even more special is that they are handmade and can be custom made for a perfect fit. Many of these items do have patterns available if you knit or crochet and if they don’t, most items can purchased online.

1) Cabbage Patch Kid-Inspired Winter Hats

This hat/wig is the perfect retro gift! Purchase a crochet pattern or a handmade crochet hat from TheLilliePad.

2) Crochet Medieval Hood

Perfect for any medieval girl-knight in modern times. Purchase this awesome crochet Medieval Hood at DaWanda.

3) Cthulhu Ski Hat

Get noticed at the ski hill with this Cthulhu Ski Hat from CraftyPA.

4) Baby Aviator Hat with Goggles

Purchase this handmade crochet Aviator Hat with Goggles from LovableLids.

5) Beard Hat

Purchase this and many other bearded hats at Beardo.

6) Rude Robot Hat

Buy this awesome crochet rude robot hat pattern from cheewawamomma.

7) Brain Hat

Who couldn’t use a thinking cap? Get the free pattern for a thinking cap from Purl’s Patterns.

8) Crochet Optimus Prime Hat

Purchase a crochet Optimus Prime Hat fromĀ LaineysBowtique.

9) Deer Antler Snood

Buy this adorable Deer Antler Snood crochet pattern from GreyBabyCrochet.

10) Knit Vulcan Hat

Purchase this knit Spock Vulcan Hat from FiveCornersDesign.

11) Baby Boobie Nursing Hat

The perfect gift for a new mother! Purchase a boobie hat from SimplyTatas.

12) Sir Knight Helmet Cap

Purchase a Sir Knight Helmet crochet pattern from Cutecraftycrochet.

13) Mummy Hat

Purchase this cute crochet Mummy Hat pattern from Ravelry.com.

14) Mad Scientist Hat

Makes a great Halloween costume! Buy this handmade knitted Mad Scientist Hat from YumbabY.

15) Christmas Tree Hat

Purchase this festive San Diego Hat Company Chenille Christmas Tree Hat from Amazon.com.

16) Totoro Hat

Purchase this crocheted Totoro Hat from AmiAmigos.

17) Failynn Fox Cowl

This knitted Failynn Fox Cowl pattern is available at Ravelry.com.

18) Deer Hat

Purchase this super cute crochet Deer Hat from ThePoppySeedShoppe.

19) Black Cat Hat

Purchase this handmade cat hat and cowl set from LNoelDesigns.

20) Crocheted Bane Mask

A must have for ‘Dark Knight Rises’ fans. Purchase this handmade Bane Mask from StitchFinderGeneral.

21) Ironman-Inspired Costume

What a great gift! Purchase this Ironman-inpspired costume from Props4Play.

H/t: BoredPanda

If you love to crochet or knit and are looking for inspiration to create beautiful winter hats, these crochet winter hats should offer a few ideas! Please share these warm crocheted or knitted winter hats with your friends and family.

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