Top 10 Most Craziest Animals That People Live With

If you had enough money to satisfy all your wildest desires, would you consider having tigers, lions, and alligators as exotic pets? Not sure? Well, here are 10 of the craziest wild animals people actually live with!

1) Tiger

Top 10 Exotic Pets: Tiger.

In the United States alone, there are about 5000 tigers who live in private properties legally in a total of 12 states. Owning a tiger is not something everybody puts in their yearly goals. Like, imagine by June 2021, “I must buy a tiger!” That would be awkward, right? Mike Tyson thinks quite differently. He will surely try to convince you about owning a tiger if you have the means and interest. Interestingly enough, boxer Floyd Mayweather is also a big fan of tigers. After a video appeared on the internet portraying boxer Floyd Mayweather trying to control his domesticated tiger in a popular hotel room, thousands of animal rights activists came to the animal’s defense claiming that the creature was being excessively mistreated. There must certainly be a relationship between tigers and boxers.

2) Fox.

Top 10 Exotic Pets: Fox.

Foxes are also not common exotic pets but owners of foxes are becoming more and more frequent in the past years or decades. Foxes are becoming more and more like dogs or cats and taking a stand among the group of wild animals who can easily be domesticated. Pet foxes nowadays are legal in up to 15 states, but the rules vary by breed, meaning that not all states allow the movement of foxes from the forest or the zoo to the chamber. The most common pet fox, the prophetic fox, is an adorable small dimension animal that is pretty calm. But it is always advised to be on your guard. One of the most famous pet foxes is Juniper the fox. She is so famous that she has now gathered over two million Instagram followers.

3) Exotic Pets: Tarantulas.

Top 10 Exotic Pets: Tarantulas.

These animals mostly prefer a warm and fuzzy environment. But tarantulas will generally choose a dark place to hide out until their next meal. They usually consume other creepy crawlies like crickets, mealworms, and roaches. Although spiders may not be what you will go and shop for as an exotic pet, a plethora of intrepid arachnophobia finds them quite attractive and fun to keep as a pet. Another plus is that the law is backing them since it’s perfectly legal for owning tarantulas in many states.

4) Wolf Dog

Wolf Dog.
Wikimedia Commons

A wolf dog is a canine produced by breeding domestic dogs with a gray wolf, Eastern wolf, red wolf, or Ethiopian wolf to create a hybrid. Loki the wolf dog has single-handedly proved that a little bit of wild could be quite an endearing quality in your canine pal. He is also genetically a dog to some extent from one of his parents so it is just trying to connect them back to nature. Along with his owner Kelly Lund, Loki has traversed the globe, one paw in front of the other searching for endless adventure.

5) Alligator.


The alligator already has a very notorious name. But when it comes to owning the animal and keeping it at home, that requires a lot of courage. Many exotic pet owners tend to be attracted to baby alligators, which are less than a foot in length and virtually harmless compared to the older ones who can significantly grow in size and live up to 50 years. Additionally, alligators like Rambo, who Mary Thorne owns, tend to have an enormous and carnivorous appetite. Mary Thorne is a Florida-based woman who adores her pet alligator Rambo so much that she dresses him up for every holiday and even goes on moto rides with her pet, Rambo. Mary Thorne has successfully trained her alligator and made her forget about biting.

6) Boa Constrictor

Boa Constrictor.

Although it has an ominous name, a boa constrictor is quite gentle when adequately cared for. It usually means trying as much as possible to recreate a natural wildlife condition around it by using special enclosures along with a tailored tropical diet consisting of pre-killed rats and mice weekly or monthly. It is also worth noting that this non-venomous exotic pet needs someone strong and agile enough to manage it, or else it will end in perpetual hatred for all snake species.

7) Lion


Here comes the King of the jungle, the greatest of all animals in the animal kingdom. It’s not the fastest, the tallest, or even the smartest yet lions rule over all animals. With all these qualifications, it’s relatively easy to understand why many would want to own such a powerful animal. That is the case for the United Arab Emirates billionaire Humaid Abdulla Albuqaish. The wealthy playboy living in the United Arab Emirates has a vast collection of exotic animals ranging from flamingos to cheetahs.

8) Polar Bear

Polar Bear.

Polar bears have a charming, cuddly, and even friendly appearance which will let you perceive them as full angels but don’t be fooled. They are expert hunters and ferocious in nature; however, with the cuddly polar bear, Agee, it is a more calm and confident experience. This polar bear purrs when its owner, Mark Dumas, is around. According to Dumas, they bathe together, sleep together and even wrestle. It seems like someone has found a real pal here!

9) Llama


The relaxed and very secretive llama is what some experts will call a therapy animal, which is why he is just a great family pet in the United States where they are legal in many states. Yet, not all states have made up their mind about the llama’s therapeutic powers. As exotic pets, the llama is trustworthy, caring, physically sane, and generally needs no high maintenance as long as it has plenty of outdoor space and ideally, a furry cohort by its side since llamas live in herds. Additionally, llamas also have the innate ability to rival guard dogs when it comes to pursuing or chasing predators.

10) Lemur


Lemurs are indigenous only to the island of Madagascar. Most lemurs are tiny, have a sharp snout, wide eyes, and a long tail. They primarily live in trees and are nocturnal. Actress Kirstie Alley, who currently owns 14 lemurs who live in a cage, agrees that trying to domesticate these animals is not an easy thing. They need a warm climate and a very tailored diet. But that should not be a hindrance when you visualize their cute faces.

Now let us know which one of these animals you would personally love to have as exotic pets. Kindly leave your answer in the comments section below!

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