The Facial Expressions on This Cat Are Precious and He’s Treated like a Star

When Napoleon the Cat arrived at Jesús Segura’s door, the skilled photographer and videographer noticed something special about him. The cat was only two months old but he was curious about everything so he took him in. Also, he had the most varied facial expressions that Segura had ever seen on a cat.

Because Segura was recently unemployed, he would fill his day by taking photos of Napoleon in various situations. The camera loved him and he was photogenic in so many ways that it intrigued him. Segura wanted to find a way to share these photos with the world so he decided to create an Indiegogo project. He wanted to fund a 2015 calendar featuring Napoleon in cute and hilarious staged scenes.

This little cutie arrived on Segura’s doorstep. How can you not say no to this adorable little guy?


Segura was amazed at how many facial expressions Napoleon would do throughout the day.


Using professional video and camera equipment, Segura was able to create many sets.


Little Napoleon looking pretty for the next photo shoot. He seems to love the attention!


Look out behind you!


Aliens love cute little cats too.


How to handle a breakup…have a beer!


Cute pictures like these and more will be available in Segura’s calendar featuring creative photos of Napoleon the cat. If you’d like to fund the project and get yourself a calendar, please visit his Indiegogo project.

H/t: Bored Panda

I think Napoleon the cat will be a star and who can resist a cat with such hilarious facial expressions. Please share this adorable cat named Napoleon with your feline-loving friends and family.

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