If You Have Smartphone, Try These 7 Hacks That Will Take Your Photography Skills to the next Level

7 Mobile Photography Tips & Tricks for Taking Better Photos.

Did you get an iPhone or smartphone as a gift and want to learn how to take better photos? Maybe you’re a budding iPhoneographer or Smartphoneographer and want to take your pictures to the next level.

Lorenz Holder of Cooperative of Photography demonstrates 7 easy smartphone photography tips and tricks to extend your smartphone camera using normal everyday items. Today’s smartphone cameras are so good that there is no reason to not take a picture whenever you want to capture a moment in time. However, it doesn’t matter if you use a smartphone or camera, the rules for taking great photos still apply. You need great lighting, a good scene, and a sense of depth to make all of your photos stand out. The following 7 smartphone photography tips and tricks will help you get the most out of your smartphone camera.

Here is a full list of the smartphone photography tips and tricks for taking incredible photos:

  1. Panorama sequence
  2. Panorama drive-by
  3. Zoom lens
  4. Macro lens
  5. Reflector
  6. Tripod & shutter cable
  7. Underwater housing

Watch 7 smartphone¬†photography tips & tricks…


The photographic quality of most new smartphones can match any point-and-shoot camera and even some DSLR’s and these tips make taking pictures even more awesome. Please share these great smartphone¬†photography tips with your friends and family.

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