Following This Tip Before Throwing Out a Battery Can Help Prevent a House Fire

Here Is How to Dispose of Batteries Safely and Prevent a Fire.

With the increased use of batteries, we throw them out regularly or store them so that we can recycle batteries at a later time; however, following this quick tip before we dispose of batteries can help prevent a house fire and save your family.

Dave Miller of Fort Collins, CO, was simply doing what many of us do once or twice a year to keep our family safe. He changed the battery in his smoke detector and stored the battery in a paper bag in his garage for later recycling. At some point, the battery terminals touched other batteries and this short-circuit heated the batteries until they started a fire.

His family and pets were safe which is the most important thing and he wants to offer this life saving tip to everyone.

Watch this video to find out how to dispose of batteries safely…



Don’t think household batteries have enough power to start a fire? It only takes seconds…


It’s amazing that a 99-cent roll of electrical tape can help save your family’s life and prevent a devastating house fire. Please share this life saving tip with your friends and family and help them learn how to dispose of batteries safely.

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