Following This Tip Before Throwing Out a Battery Can Help Prevent a House Fire

With the increased use of batteries, we throw them out regularly or store them so that we can recycle batteries at a later time. We use them in our remote controls, flashlights, toys, and many other gadgets. However, when these batteries run out of power, we often dispose of them without considering the risks associated with them. This is why following a simple tip before disposing of batteries can save your family from a devastating house fire.

Here Is How to Dispose of Batteries Safely and Prevent a Fire.

Dave Miller of Fort Collins, CO, was simply doing what many of us do once or twice a year to keep our family safe. He changed the battery in his smoke detector and stored the battery in a paper bag in his garage for later recycling. At some point, the battery terminals touched other batteries and this short-circuit heated the batteries until they started a fire.

Fortunately, Dave’s family and pets were safe which is the most important thing. He now wants to offer this life-saving tip to everyone: before storing or disposing of batteries, cover the battery terminals with electrical tape. This simple step can prevent the terminals from touching other batteries or metal objects, which can cause a short circuit and potentially start a fire.

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It’s important to note that this safety tip applies not only to the larger batteries used in smoke detectors and other household appliances but also to the small button batteries commonly found in toys and electronics. These small batteries can be particularly dangerous if swallowed by young children, so it’s important to dispose of them properly and safely.

Don’t think household batteries have enough power to start a fire? It only takes seconds…


It’s amazing that a 99-cent roll of electrical tape can help save your family’s life and prevent a devastating house fire. In addition to covering the battery terminals with electrical tape, it’s also crucial to dispose of batteries properly. Many communities offer battery recycling programs, so check with your local government or waste management provider to find out how to properly dispose of batteries in your area.

Please share this life-saving tip with your friends and family and help them learn how to dispose of batteries safely.

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