15 Hilarious Cats That Regret Letting Their Curiosity Get the Best of Them

Cats are always getting themselves in trouble and most times, they’re way too curious for their own good. They will try to fit themselves into the tightest spaces but getting out sometimes isn’t as easy.

The following 15 cats probably think their humans will save them but not before posting their cat fails on social media!

1) “I’m nice and toasty in this jacket sleeve but how to get out?”

2) “Don’t just stand there human! Stop laughing at me!!”

3) “I am Sir Mittens, if you post this on Facebook, you will pay!”

4) “Maybe if I stand still and play it cool, nobody will notice my latest stupid move.”

5) “Well, now I’ve done it.”

6) “Please get this heaping pile of fur off of me!”

7) “Yes, mistakes were made. I accept that. Now help me out.”

8) “Can’t you tell I really want to go outside!!”

9) “It’s a trap!”

10) “Please don’t leave me, human!”

11) “Are the clothes in this laundry basket important to you. Yes? Then let me out!”

12) “I promise. I will never let go, Jack…”

13) “I’m the prize in your cereal box. You’re welcome.”

14) “You can’t tell me what to do, silly human.”

15) “OMG, this is it. Goodbye, my friends!”

No matter how much trouble cats seem to get into, they always find a way out. If you liked this, here are 18 things cats would say if they could talk.

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