If Cats Could Talk, Here Are 18 Things They Would Say

Whenever I look at cats or any other animal for that matter, I always wonder what they are thinking. It’s been proven that cats and other animals sense emotions so while they don’t talk, they’re probably saying some of the following things to themselves.


“Maybe the car ride ends when we’ve reached a destination, rather than when I’ve meowed enough.”


“The floor is just the floor, but a piece of paper on the floor is a luxurious bed.”


“Why do the humans get mad when I wake them up? They could always sleep during the day like I do.”


“Knowing that the humans want me to use something makes it half as fun as what they disapprove of.”


“Humans assume superiority because they do not lick their own genitals, and yet they readily lick all those that are available.”


“It amazes me that the humans still assume I trip them by accident.”


“Why do the humans buy scratching posts when there are so many free ones available?”


“Do dogs walk on leashes because they don’t know where to go, or because they’ve given up on life?”


“I realize that, in reality, I am no better than a serial killer when it comes to outdoor rodents and birds.”


“I’m beginning to doubt that the red dot can be caught.”


“Why do I never see the ribbon-on-a-string creature without the human near? Have they formed an alliance?”


“What difference is there between a carrier and a moving jail cell?”


“Once a year the humans celebrate us by hanging dangly shiny things from a tree. It’s rude not to play with them.”


“If I can see the bottom of my food bowl, is there really any food at all?”


“If the toy gets trapped under the refrigerator, was it ever a toy at all?”


“Maybe the humans truly don’t know when to stop belly rubs, and I’m punishing them for no reason.”


“Can’t tell if the humans are dumb or ungrateful for throwing out the mouse I killed for them. I even left it in their bed!”


“I fear the humans don’t understand the severity of the fly intruder. I fight with all my strenght, yet they just sit idly by, indifferent to the flying drone’s invasion.”

H/t: Distractify

Cats truly are hilarious at times. Please share this with all your feline-loving friends and family.

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