A Mother Cow Cried All Night for Her Missing Baby. What Happened Next Was so Beautiful I Couldn’t Stop Crying.

Mother Cow Named Karma Cries All Night for Her Missing Calf.

I strongly believe that animals have emotions just as we do. Just like this puppy reunited with his mom, when they lose one of their babies, they feel sadness just like we would. Karma was recently rescued by The Gentle Barn animal sanctuary. The team noticed that Karma kept crying out for something and did so the entire night. It turns out Karma was crying out for her baby calf. The abusive people that Karma was rescued from hid her calf in order to slaughter it.

The animal sanctuary ordered them to surrender the calf and they did but she was malnourished and extremely weak. When she arrived at the sanctuary, the calf was reunited with her mother and it is one of the most beautiful events you could ever witness.

Watch this beautiful reunion of Karma the cow and her calf…


It sickens me when I see how some animals can still be so poorly treated in this day and age but thanks to animal rescue centers, so many animals are saved from near death. Please share this beautiful story of Karma the cow and her calf with your friends and family.

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