These Swimmers Are Getting Pumped for What They Are About to Do Next. What They Did Made My Jaw Drop.

When you think of songs associated with synchronized swimming, you generally don’t think of rock anthems like Led Zeppelin’s ‘Stairway to Heaven’. The Spanish synchronized swimming team at the 2009 Olympics wanted to push the boundaries. Let’s just say their performance was nothing short of spectacular.

Led Zeppelin & Spanish Synchronized Swimming Team 2009.

Their routine starts off gently with the soft intro to Stairway to Heaven but as the song begins to rock out, so do the swimmers and you might even spot a few playing air guitar! It simply builds up to an incredible climax and it earned the team a gold medal for “Free Routine Combination”.

Watch this Spanish synchronized swimming team performing a routine to Led Zeppelin’s ‘Stairway to Heaven’…


This synchronized swimming team demonstrates that determination, accuracy, and pure talent led them to victory.

Here are some of my favorite YouTube comments for the video, “Led Zeppelin & Spanish Team Synchronized Swimming” by Eugenia De Rottzi:

  1. “Wow someone’s finally made synchronised swimming interesting. That was awesome.” – Eskay1206
  2. “This was amazing. It was like watching an art film. It just did something to my heart.” – mm1996
  3. “VERY high energy…the breath control here is amazing!” – kwade1957
  4. “Outstanding performance. These athletes are amazing!” – The Weirdlings
  5. “The Spaniards have good taste in music!” – SuzieBoo54
  6. “Athleticism and art coming together in perfect harmony!!” – Vortigan07
  7. “How on earth can they all be so perfect?! :D” – Susan Rose Art
  8. “Keeping time with music is hard enough on land, but it must’ve been difficult to hear the cues underwater. That’s some hardcore skill.” – SuperShadow64
  9. “Fantastic. I’m a former swimmer and although I must admit we always joked about the synchronized swimming teams when I was younger, I actually understood the physicality and talent necessary for a good performance. This was really cool!” – John Thomas

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