These Pups Were Rescued and Reunited With Their Mommy. Her Reaction Nearly Left Me in Tears.

Mother Dog Cries Real Tears When Reunited With Her Puppies.

Crying is a raw emotion that is triggered whenever we feel pain, sadness, and even joy; however, many people believe that only humans are capable of shedding tears. When this mama dog lost her puppies, she thought she would never see them again. But thankfully, they were rescued and returned to her!

Just like this mother cow that cried all night when her calf was taken away from her, I firmly believe that animals have feelings. When the puppies were reunited with their mother, she couldn’t be happier and she did something that surprised everyone.

Watch this special moment as a mama dog tears up when her puppies get rescued…


While some dog owners may recognize a similar condition called epiphora which a condition that causes tears in dogs, it remains to be seen whether this or simply pure emotions caused this mother dog to tear up.

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