Watch a Stuffed Dog Attack Real Dogs. This Is Not a Misprint. LOL!

If you’re like me, then you love a good prank. And when it comes to pranks, there’s nothing funnier than watching one animal take down another animal. Just for Laughs, a comedy festival in Montreal, Quebec, regularly performs gags on people around the city. This time around, they got tired of pulling pranks on humans; therefore, they decided to play dog pranks on dogs and the result is hilarious!

Watch funny dog pranks where a stuffed dog attacks real dogs. This is not a misprint. LOL!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the park, a stuffed dog comes lunging out of nowhere to hilariously prank your poor pooch! The poor little pups don’t know what to do when the big, fluffy dog comes barreling towards it! Almost every dog gets fooled in this funny pranks video and their reactions will literally have you howling with laughter. You’re probably wondering why these dogs would be curious but they’re only interested in the huge meaty bone that the stuffed dog is clinging onto with his fluffy paws! You’ve got to see this video to believe it.

Watch funny dog pranks from Just for Laughs Gags!


Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and there‚Äôs a type of dog out there for just about everyone but none of them is a match for the stuffed dog in this video. Just like when I watched this dog teaching a baby how to jump, I’m still laughing. I just couldn’t help but laugh throughout this video of a stuffed dog hilariously pranking a real dog. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the making of this video, though I’m sure the poor real dogs didn’t find it very funny! I hope Just For Laughs pulls more funny pranks in future episodes!

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