A Skunk Had Its Head Stuck in a Soda Can and What This Brave Man Did Is Heartwarming

Orillia Man Helps Remove Soda Can Stuck onto Skunk's Head.

Skunks like most animals are always looking for food and this sometimes gets them into dangerous predicaments. Unlike this paramedic that rescued a skunk wearing an ebola suit, this brave man didn’t have protective gear; however, he decided to take a chance and help the poor skunk that found its head stuck in a Coke can.

Mike MacMillan from Orillia, Ontario stumbled onto a skunk while walking and it desperately needed help. He calmly talked to the animal until he finally got a hold of the can and attempted to pull it off.

Watch this brave man helping remove a Coke can from a skunk’s head…


Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments from this video, “The bravest thing I’ve ever done” by Skepti Sketch:

  1. “The skunk will remember that.” – ZeroSteel45
  2. “I hope this guy wins the lottery, twice.” – Wordsmith Gobshite
  3. “I’d vote for this man over Trump and Clinton.” – fahim
  4. “Does anyone else think that the skunk is adorable ????” – sheila mccarthy
  5. “Hey man, if you ever read this. Thanks for being a good person.” – K T
  6. “You can say the skunk was a cokehead.” – anna txite
  7. “That gives me a feeling that the world is still good.” – Evan
  9. “Thank you for recording the video horizontally.” – Ebanks Studios
  10. “Forget Trump and Hillary. I’m voting for you.” – Marisela Franco
  11. “Not even a simple thank you, what an animal.” – Tixij
  12. “Whilst everyone is saying how cute and heartwarming this is, I’m wondering how a skunk got its head stuck in the tiny opening of a coke can.” – Dat Dog

It was on there pretty tight and the skunk knew MacMillan was there to help and showed its appreciation by not spraying him out of fear. Please share this brave man who helped a poor skunk with a soda can on its head with your friends and family.

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