Kitten Sees Reflection in Mirror and His Reaction Is Adorable!

Kitten Sees Reflection in Mirror and Wants to Battle With Himself.

We all know how mirrors work but when animals see their reflection for the first time, their reaction can be hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing when a parrot saw a turtle’s reflection in the mirror and they can’t comprehend the wizardry they are seeing.

A kitten discovered his reflection in a mirror for the first time and he went into attack mode! He lunges and makes the most adorable attack moves and he doesn’t realize that he is battling with himself.

Watch a kitten battle his reflection in a mirror…


I love it when he lies down and begins smelling the glass to see if the reflection he is seeing is real.

Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments from the video, “Kitten battles reflection in the mirror” by Rumble Viral:

  1. “Lol good job kitty, pwn that newb!” – ForMyLove
  2. “I love that sidestep maneuver. xD I like how the kitten’s all ‘Seriously though, who is THAT?'” – Tiny Birds
  3. “That kitten has moves.” – angel light Aj
  4. “I see you in my mirror in the morning instead of seeing me…Marvin Gaye.” – Cedric Walker
  5. “Reflecting on a cat fight Xx.” – Kate McDevitt
  6. “Too cute for the dark side.” – Kylo Ren
  7. “Pinky (left) & Firefly (right).” – Steve Skipper
  8. “Oh now this is really to cute and funny silly kitty.” – Evon Williams
  9. “I’m dying XD.” – Jaybuscus
  10. “Had a cat that looked just like that one.” – emsevas
  11. “At least that’s not scary!😉😉😆😆” – tabi g
  12. “Such an adorable kitten!  Scientist say an adult cat doesn’t recognize their self in a mirror because they rely on scent and no scent comes from the reflection but kittens don’t know this “fact” yet! :)” – Brook Gowin
  13. “That kitten is stupid and cute though.” – Reshma Khatoon

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