This Kitten Survived Without Food or Water for Over 3 Days Before Being Rescued

The will to live is a powerful force. It is a psychological force that drives us to fight for survival when we are threatened by disease, a serious injury, or when faced with dangerous obstacles.

In October, staff at the African Maritime Services in Cape Town began hearing loud cries coming from the factory. As the sound began to get louder as they searched for the source, they found it came from inside a large cable reel. When they looked inside, they found three kittens. Two had already passed away but the remaining tiny black kitten had a severely injured paw and was clinging to life.

This tiny kitten was rescued after surviving 3 days without food or water.

Facebook / The Kitten Cottage


In October, the staff of African Maritime Services heard cries coming from their factory. After pinpointing where the cries were coming from, they found 3 tiny kittens inside a wooden cable reel.

Facebook / The Kitten Cottage


Unfortunately, two kittens had already passed away but they did find a third kitten with an injured paw clinging to life.

Facebook / The Kitten Cottage


A staff member named Rob said, “We were amazed that not having had food or water for at least 3 days as well as having a severely injured paw, he was still able to survive and raise the alarm.”

Facebook / The Kitten Cottage


The brave little kitten was kept next to the employee’s chest to stay warm and was given water until they could get him medical help. They named him Billy.

Facebook / The Kitten Cottage


Rob added, “I called my wife, Sue, and told her we needed help urgently. She and our daughter, Louise, quickly arranged to pick up Billy the kitten and delivered him to The Kitten Cottage.”

Facebook / The Kitten Cottage


Paulette, a foster owner for The Kitten Cottage cared for Billy around the clock. After only 3 days of antibiotics, he was looking healthier already.

Facebook / The Kitten Cottage


He had to lose his bad paw but that didn’t stop him. He quickly adapted to having 3 paws and he got stronger every day.

Facebook / The Kitten Cottage


Today, Billy is as happy as ever thanks to the help from the employees that found him and to the staff at The Kitten Cottage.

Facebook / The Kitten Cottage

Billy just loves running in the garden and has adapted to walking on 3 paws like a champ! Please share this great story of survival of Billy the cat with your friends and family.

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