This Baby Is Learning How to Use Her Jumper but What This Dog Does Is Hilarious

Dog Teaching a Baby How to Jump With a Jolly Jumper.

Babies jumping in a jumper can bring smiles to anyone’s face but put this dog into the picture and it turns from cute to hilarious. When mom puts baby Alexis into her jumper, their dog Daykota begins jumping on her shadows.

According to Sabrina Sauve, “Alexis is learning the jolly jumper. Day(kota) has a love for shadows. Put these two together and what do you get…” Laugh as you watch Daykota jumping around and Alexis is laughing and giggling just watching him. It is such a blessing to have a family dog that behaves so well with young babies and their¬†interaction is so cute to watch!

Watch Day(kota) the dog teaching baby Ally how to jump…


It is so adorable watching Alexis learning how to jump by watching Daykota jumping on her shadows. Please share this adorable dog teaching a baby how to jump with your friends and family.

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