This Dog Walks 4 Miles to Town Every Single Day. The Reason Why Will Make You Smile.

Dog Walks 4 Miles to Town Every Single Day to Meet People.

Dogs love getting attention and with the amount of unconditional love they provide, they deserve all of it. One dog loves people so much that he has been walking 4 miles every single day for the past 12 years to Longville, Minnesota.

Bruno loves being around people. He treks out to town nearly every day and the residents love petting him and showering him with affection and food. He is so loved in fact that they named him the town’s ambassador and even made a wooden statue of him.

Watch Bruno the dog who is legendary for his daily walks to town…


Bruno is one-of-a-kind and deserves all the attention and snacks he gets. Please share this amazing story of a dog that walks to town daily with your friends and family.

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