A Family Goes Out for a Walk and Rescues an Abused Dog While Playing Pokémon Go

Family Rescues an Injured Dog While Playing Pokemon Go.

Pokémon Go is a great game that allows you to explore your neighborhood or any location for that matter. When a family decided to go out for a walk after dinner and catch some Pokémon in the process, what they captured was even more precious.

They discovered a dog that was beaten and clinging to life while dragging itself along train tracks in Harlan County, Kentucky. Their mother, Elizabeth Thomas, was able to tend to some of his wounds until they could get him home and to the veterinarian. Their rescue helped save this dog’s life.

Watch this Harlan County family rescue an injured dog while playing Pokémon Go…


If it wasn’t for the chance occurrence of this family deciding to go play Pokémon Go, this dog’s fate would have had a tragic end. Please share this awesome rescue of a dog by a family who found him while playing Pokémon Go with your friends and family.

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