Adorable Samoyed Dog Gets Trapped on Rooftop

Firefighters in China are always ready to tackle anything and have all the tools they need regardless of the situation. For that reason, they were prepared for a dog rescue when an adorable Samoyed dog was stuck and unable to move on a building rooftop.

The dog’s family lives on the top floor of a seven-story building in the city of Neijiang in Sichuan Province and the little pooch wanted to soak in the view. It climbed to the top of the rooftop but slid down the other side and ultimately got its leg stuck in the canopy on the roof.

In the video, the firefighter wearing a safety harness carefully makes his way down the roof with a rope ladder and grabs the dog. The dog doesn’t even flinch and seems content to know that he is being rescued. In fact, the dog was so excited that he ran up the roof and made his way back to safety on his family’s patio! Unfortunately, the heroic firefighter didn’t get a “thank you” lick from the dog but I’m sure this Samoyed dog is thankful for his rescue.

Watch firefighters rescue a Samoyed dog on the roof of a seven-story building in China…


Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments from this Samoyed dog rescue video:

  1. “She’s so gorgeous ❤️” – bird of paradise
  2. “Silly puppy))))” – Joey Boedeker
  3. “Thank you, fire fighter man! The dog is a cutie! ❤️” – Water & Sky
  4. “goodjob fireman~” – Neo Smith

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