Black Lab Slides in the Snow and His Owners Can’t Stop Laughing

Enjoying a beautiful day outside playing in the snow is one of the perks of living in northern climates. But dogs and pets love playing in the snow as well and this momma playing in the snow with her Golden Retriever pups is heartwarming to watch.

Black Lab Sliding in the Snow While His Owners Watch in Delight.

Rafi the black Lab shows us that he doesn’t need a sled to go sliding in the snow. He just gains a little speed and slides his way down a snow-covered hill while his owners cheer him on and laugh at his antics.

Watch a black lab named Rafi hilariously sliding in the snow…


No wonder his owners keep asking Rafi the black Lab to slide because he is a joy to watch! Rafi the black Lab knows how to have fun and isn’t afraid of showing it!

Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments from the video, “Black Lab dog (Rafi) body slides in the snow” by Rumble Viral:

  1. “Funny thing is his face looks like he knows everyone’s laughing at him, so he’s trying to put on even more of a show for them. What a fun family dog.” – Mac Lew
  2. “The dad and kid laughing in the background made this video so much funnier. Thanks, made my day.” – Ty Par
  3. “Labs, they just get it.  They know fun it seems.” – Daniel Kunkle
  4. “The funniest part of this is listening to the dog’s family enjoying him(her) so much!” – bkshawful1
  5. “That’s one happy dog, great owner.” – Indranie Haripersaud
  6. “This is hysterical – especially the dad’s; laugh!” – Nancy McDaniel
  7. “I REALLY miss my black lab. RIP.” – Deyna’s VidGaming
  8. “This pup is thankful for the snow. Happy Thanksgiving.” – JC Stream
  9. “Some dogs love to entertain, my min pin is the same when he does something and I laugh he repeats it.” – imallearsru

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