25 People Who Simply Had One Job to Do. I Can’t Stop Shaking My Head!

Many people take a lot of pride in the work they do but for some, they’d rather be somewhere else. We’ve probably all experienced getting factory rejects or products that somehow were missed by quality control teams.

The following people don’t work in a factory but instead had a task that needed to be done correctly but they hilariously failed. Please share these 25 fails from people who just had one job to do.

1) Good job. One out of three isn’t bad.

2) Not 100% accessible.

3) I hope this clock is on clearance.

4) Must have sold out of watermelon.

5) Parking for experts.

6) No juicy bacon for you!

7) Yes, but what are they REALLY called?

8) Mmm, strawberries.

9) Do you want a side order of cheese with your burger?

10) In case of emergency…jump!

11) Great job on securing your bike.

12) I’m calling a family meeting!

13) You just had ONE job!

14) * facepalm *

15) Insert name here.

16) Good luck with that.

17) The red hot chilly papers!

18) That billboard is misleading.

19) One of these things just doesn’t look right.

20) How can you confuse Superman with Batman?

21) It costs extra to have the fillings INSIDE your taco.

22) Toothpaste. Toothbrush. It’s all the same.

23) Delicious and nutritious watermelons!

24) I think you’re hauling it wrong.

25) Close enough.

Humans aren’t perfect and we all make mistakes but these mistakes are hilarious! Please share these hilarious people who just had one job with your friends and family.

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