This Dog Went from Sad to Happy Overnight and Here Is the Beautiful Reason Why

Animal shelters rescue dogs and cats every day and so many are saved because of the excellent work they do.

When Redditor goldie0702 visited a shelter with her boyfriend, they noticed that one dog in particular appeared very sad and simply sat by the glass and didn’t make eye contact with anyone. The dog was found in rural West Virginia and showed signs of abuse in the past so they wanted to give her a better life. They visited the shelter every day until they were able to adopt her.

This dog appears sad as ever and Redditor goldie0702 and her boyfriend knew they could give this little cutie the love she deserved.


They adopted her and as soon as they got home she was transformed. She was extremely happy to be with her new family.


They named her Spokey and she’s now in a loving home and happy as ever.

H/t: Reddit

This is the kind of story that makes my day. Every rescued animal should have a loving family like Spokey now has. If you want to adopt a pet, please visit your local SPCA.

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