Elephants Start Running in a Refuge. The Reason Why Will Warm Your Heart.

Elephants Run to Greet a New Rescued Baby Elephant.

Elephants are one of the smartest and most caring animals on earth. Just like this story of a pink albino elephant accepted by its herd, elephants are always excited to welcome new elephants.

Once the elephants¬†at Elephant Nature Park in Thailand learned that there was a new rescued baby elephant named ‘Dok Geaw,’ they just had to show him a warm welcome.¬†Dok Gaew is only one year and nine months old. He is orphaned but he’ll find a new loving family among these caring elephants.

Watch elephants running to greet a new rescued baby elephant…


It is so sweet to see all the elephants pushing their trunks through the fence and doing what seemed like giving him friendly pats and welcoming him. Please share these adorable elephants welcoming a new member to their family with your friends and family.

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