This Happy Puppy Having Fun on a Carnival Slide Is the Best Thing You’ll See All Day

Happy Puppy Having Fun Sliding Down a Carnival Slide.

Watching puppies have fun is a thrill of its own. When a puppy discovered a slide at the local carnival, he decided to run up the stairs and give it a try.

As he slides down the huge slide, pay close attention to his little pupper tail! It is wagging the entire time and when it’s over, he runs up again and I bet he did so many times that his owner lost count.

Watch a puppy having fun sliding down a carnival slide…


Here are some of my favorite YouTube comments from this video, “Dog Rides Slide Over and Over Again” by The Dodo:

  1. “I’d rather watch that dog go on that slide than to go on any rides myself!” – Audria Lykins
  2. “Aww look at her tail wagging.” – Hazza
  3. “That must have made the worker’s day.” – iida bergstrom
  4. “Oml I would be the happiest person if I was helping her go down ????” – Sage
  5. “Her tail while she’s going down, hahaha.” – hdb80
  6. “How is this NOT the most popular video on YouTube????” – Sebastian Campos
  7. “I love how she’s going to that guy up there and not trying to go by herself! she wants to be safe too! smart ❤” – Faeza Khan
  8. “Now there is an adrenaline junkie Yorkie dog.” – Freedomcat
  9. “Some dogs just love this sort of thing. I get the impression my Great Dane would hate it…” – OzzieBloke
  10. “She’s lucky to be the only one in line ????” – pink water
  11. “My Yorkie is no different! This is Yorkie action!” – G S
  12. “An adrenalin junkie!  You go!” – Orris Holt
  13. “Too cute.” – D D

He is having the time of his life and I bet if dogs could talk, he’d be saying, “Again! Again!” Please share this adorable little puppy having fun on a carnival slide with your friends and family.

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