Newscaster Gets Emotional After Meeting His Kindergarten Teacher After 30 Years

Newscaster Met With His Kindergarten Teacher After 30 Years.

Like many people, I have fond memories of school and the wonderful teachers that have enriched my life with knowledge. Our teachers also have an amazing ability to remember each and every child they teach. Even decades after teaching, you may bump into an old teacher and they will remember you instantly.

Lorly Schik, are retired kindergarten teacher, noticed a newscaster on television that used to be a student of hers. It was nearly 30 years ago but she remembers her student named Cory Hepola and wrote his parents a letter expressing how much she enjoyed watching him on the K11 Sunrise news program.

Watch why this kindergarten teacher sends a note to one of her students nearly 30 years later…


It was so great that she could reconnect with one of her students and it was an emotional reunion. Please share how a retired kindergarten teacher was able to meet with one of her students nearly 30 years later with your friends and family.

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