What Happened in a Utah Nursing Home Will Have You Dancing in Your Chair

Piano Guys Perform Charlie Brown Song Medley at a Nursing Home.

Seniors living in nursing homes get the care they deserve but sometimes it can get lonely for some of them if their family members live out of town. The Piano Guys were in the neighborhood and decided to provide the residents at the Sterling Court Retirement Home in St. George, Utah with an impromptu concert.

The Piano Guys played a Charlie Brown Medley that had the entire audience dancing in their chairs. They enjoyed the Charlie Brown song medley so much that many of them couldn’t sit down any longer so they got up and started dancing!

Watch this amazing Charlie Brown Song Medley by The Piano Guys…


The elderly have huge hearts and events like these can provide them with so much joy. Please share this heartwarming concert featuring a Charlie Brown song medley for senior citizens with your friends and family.

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