At 94 Years Old, Stan Lee, the Father of the Marvel Universe Is Honored by Disney

While it sounds cliché, it is true that if you choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. Stan Lee began working at Marvel Comics 75 years ago as an artist and his comics and amazing Marvel characters he created are just as popular today.

Stan Lee Is Commemorated by Disney on His 75 Years With Marvel.

In fact, Stan Lee’s Marvel characters such as Spider-Man and Iron Man have spawned countless blockbuster movies and hundreds, if not thousands of comic books. In 2017, Disney commemorated Stan Lee’s impressive work over the past 75 years and Lee talks a little about how his career changed his life.

Watch this amazing interview with Stan Lee as Disney commemorates his 75 years at Marvel…


After 75 years of Marvel Comics, Stan Lee shows no sign of slowing down and is loved by fans the world over.

Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments from the video, “Stan Lee Commemorates 75 Years at Marvel” by Marvel Entertainment:

  1. “Stan the man Lee is awesome, you can’t dislike him! Excelsior on Stan!” – LGR [LegoGR]
  2. “This man is a Legend!!!” – B R
  3. “That’s… An achievement!!!” – Zack Egg
  4. “God Damn Bless your soul Stan Lee. You’re one of the main reasons why Comics are the way they are today.” – Jacob Morales
  5. “Coolest man to live on the planet.” – Matty G
  6. “Happy 75th Anniversary!!!!!!” – Marcus Holder
  7. “Stan Lee is the best.” – mulitmaaaa films
  8. “Thank you, Stan, for giving me such a good life. I don’t know where I would be without Marvel. It is a huge part of my life.” – randomPat
  9. “Thank you for everything Mr. Lee, Happy 75th.” – True Joker
  10. “What a great man! :)” – Julian Pagano
  11. “I could listen to him talk all day long.” – SalsaSpartan7

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