A Boy in Her Class Called Her Ugly but This 4-Year-Old Girl Had the Best Response Ever

Young kids are generally not mean towards each other but when a boy called her ugly, this adorable 4-year-old girl didn’t mince words. Bullies are everywhere but it’s so great to see this young girl respond back to criticism instead of letting it affect her.

A boy in her class called her ugly but this cute 4-year-old had the best comeback ever.


She responded, “I didn’t come here to make a fashion statement. I came here to learn, not look pretty.”


Then, when the little boy said that she looked bad, she replied, “DID YOU LOOK IN THE MIRROR LATELY?”


Her response is even cuter when she explains what happened.


H/t: BuzzFeed

Nobody likes a bully and this little boy got the response he deserved. Please share this cute little girl responding back to a bully with your friends and family.

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