4-Year-Old Girl Shares Her Science Knowledge With Steve Harvey. I Couldn’t Stop Laughing!

4-Year-Old Brielle Appears on Steve Harvey's Little Big Shots.

Just like this baby who can read, there are many babies, toddlers, and young children that are incredibly smart. Brielle Milla is only four years old and she knows more about anatomy than most adults.

On Steve Harvey’s popular series, ‘Little Big Shots,’ little Brielle is about to give a lesson about the human anatomy. She is one of the smartest kids you’ll ever see on the internet and she is so adorable!

As Steve Harvey points to various bones in the human body, Brielle not only names it correctly but also provides interest facts about each specific bone. She also provides interesting information about the human pelvis that I didn’t even know myself!

Watch Brielle Milla correctly identify bones from a skeleton with Steve Harvey…



This is one little science whiz that is going to go far if she is so excited about science at such a young age. Please share adorable little Brielle Milla share her knowledge of the human anatomy with Steve Harvey on Little Big Shots with your friends and family.

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