When This Father Found out His Daughter Was Being Bullied, He Inspired Her With the Power of Music

Anti-Bullying Music Video "Love Yourself" Performed by Khari.

It’s a new school year and while it’s an exciting time for many children, some kids will, unfortunately, be targeted by local bullies for being different. Everybody is an individual and kids shouldn’t be bullied for expressing their individuality but some kids could be cruel. When this father found out his daughter was being bullied, he wrote something beautiful.

YouTuber Khari Toure wrote a song entitled ‘Love Yourself’ and the lyrics will inspire any child that listens to it. It is important that children know they are priceless, smart, and beautiful. Having high self-esteem will allow them to shut down any bully.

Watch this music video of ‘Love Yourself,’ an anti-bullying song by Khari…


Children are the future and by using social media, this father is making a difference in his children’s lives and so many others. Please share this uplifting song entitled ‘Love Yourself’ to inspire children with your friends and family.

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