He Was Bullied Because of His Learning Disability but These 5 Boys Decided to THIS Instead

Fifth Graders Befriend Bullied Boy With a Learning Disability.

Elementary school can be a difficult time for some kids because they are often bullied for being special. James Willmert attends Franklin Elementary in Mankato, Minnesota and found that he was being bullied because of his learning disability.

When five boys noticed that he was the target of bullies, they welcomed him as their friend. They spent time with him at recess and during lunch which offered him protection from bullies. They immediately bonded as true friends and even pooled their money so that they could buy James a Playstation 3 because he loved video games but didn’t have any systems.

Watch these boys’ reaction to bullying. It will melt your heart…


His mother and teacher can’t believe how much his life has changed and it’s all thanks to the love of his new friends. Just like this girl that used Post It notes to get revenge on her bullies, these boys are turning a negative into a positive.

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