6 Stories from People Who Went Ahead with a DNA Test

If you have never thought about having a DNA test before then now might be the time for you to change that. DNA tests are now so advanced that they can be done in the comfort of your own home and when you do, you may find out something surprising. If you aren’t sure whether to go ahead or not then here are some feel-good stories that will make the decision easier for you.

Brothers United

Whit Johnson decided to go ahead with a DNA test on a whim. He knew that his father was adopted and didn’t know much about him at all. He soon became curious about his biological family and shortly after he found out that he had an uncle. It was his father’s unknown biological brother. Whit managed to find the contact information and then shared the results with his father. The two brothers were soon reunited and have been in touch ever since. It’s inspirational and heartwarming stories like this that really go to show how one simple DNA test can reunite lost families while also bringing joy and content to those who might not know they have family at all.

Best Friends

Walter McFarlane decided to do a DNA test at the grand age of 74. He wanted to learn more about his biological family and thought that this would be the best way to do it. He was certainly right. He was raised from a young child by his grandmother, but he didn’t know much about either of his parents. McFarlane did the test and then found out that his best friend, who actually grew up down the street was his half-brother. Alan Robinson, who had also been adopted received the news well, and the two started to piece together their history. DNA tests can show you siblings or family you never knew you had! This is one of many reasons why at-home DNA tests have become increasingly popular over the years, and if you’ve been considering trying one too, then you might want to check out this Ancestry.com DNA testing review.

Parents and Past

You really don’t ever expect a scandal with your parents, but in this instance, there was. Paul McGrath found out that his mother had been in a secret relationship while she served in the Marines. McGrath always assumed he knew who his father was, but he quickly came to the conclusion that this was not the case. A DNA test led him to his real father, and his half-siblings. They exchanged information and he still remains close with his father.

Sibling Surprises

Matt Heninger took a DNA test at Ancestry to try and find out more about his own ethnicity. He received the results and didn’t find anything abnormal at all. He was then sent an email from Joyce Burgener who suggested that they might be related. At first, they thought that they might have been first cousins. After they did some digging and some additional research, the two came to the conclusion that they were actually brother and sister. Joyce was 12 years old who lived her life being very poor with 4 other siblings. She had a memory of Matt being born, but he was soon put up for adoption. The family was reconnected once more.

Very Close Encounters

Tracy Melton thought that her biological father was deceased. She was eager for some answers about her paternal family tree, so she took the initiative and signed up for an at-home DNA test. She discovered her father not long thereafter, a man named Reynaldo Delgado. He was alive and when she found out where he lived, it turns out that they were only 12 miles apart. Delgado and his wife at the time had made the decision to move to the state just 3 years before.

Curious Connections

The Maneages had a total of 3 children but they soon came to the conclusion that they wanted a fourth. They chose to adopt Elliana from China, who was 10 years old at the time. Unfortunately, she had a brain disorder. When the little girl arrived home, the Maneages shared their story with the Galbierz who also went to their church. It turns out that they had also adopted a girl from China, named Kinley. After they spent a while talking, they found out that the similarities were just too coincidental. They independently did a DNA test and came to the conclusion that they had a 99.9% chance of being sisters.

There are plenty of heart-warming stories in the world of at-home DNA tests. If you have never taken a test before, you’ll be glad to know that it has never been easier or more affordable to do. Why not discover your heritage today?

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