Students Wave to a Caring Senior Every Day. Watch What They Do When They Don’t See Her in the Window.

Schoolkids Show Compassion To "Grandma in the Window".

Seniors love children if they aren’t their own and some even enjoy waving to kids going to school. That is what 93-year-old Louise Edlen likes to do and kids know her as the “grandma in the window” because she sits in the window every day and waves to kids passing by on the school bus.

Like all seniors, she may forget a thing or two once in a while; however, she never forgets to wave to the schoolkids on the bus. This is why kids and the bus driver, Carol, were concerned when she didn’t appear in the window for a few days.

It turns out, she, unfortunately, had a stroke. She was spending 3 weeks at a rehabilitation center with her husband Dave of 53 years to help her recover. When the kids found out, they wanted to do something special. They sent her a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a large photo of them on the school bus.

Watch ‘Grandma In the Window’ that teaches kids compassion…

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When the kids passed by the next day, there was a huge “Thank You” sign in the window. They were reassured to know that their loving “grandma in the window” will be there again when she feels better.

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