When You Realize Why These Kids Are Waving, It May Bring a Tear to Your Eye

The small town of Comox, British Columbia, may not be on everyone’s radar, but there’s a special resident there who has captured the hearts of many. 84-year-old Tinney Davidson of Comox, British Columbia, loves waving at children on their way to Highland Secondary School in her neighborhood. Her bright smile and friendly demeanor have become a beloved fixture in the neighborhood, and the students have grown to adore her.

Sweet Elderly Woman Waves at Students Every Day.

It is something that Tinney and her late husband enjoyed doing since 2007 when they moved to the neighborhood. The elderly couple started waving at the students as they walked by their house, and the kids would wave back, happy to have someone acknowledge them. Unfortunately, her husband passed away a couple of years ago but she continues the tradition of putting a smile on kids’ faces on their way to and from school and the student loved waving back.

But the students didn’t stop there. The students enjoy her smile and her generosity so much that they decided to give her a gift to show their appreciation. She was so appreciative and you can feel how she genuinely cares about each and every one of these students.

Please watch the wonderful thing these students did to honor an elderly woman that waves at students every day…


It is so heartwarming to see high school students care so much about a sweet lady like Tinney. Her loving smile and kind heart will make a difference in every student that has the opportunity to wave back. It’s heartwarming to see how much joy and positivity Tinney has brought to her community. Her story is a reminder that a little bit of love and kindness can go a long way in making the world a better place.

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