No One Expected THIS to Happen When This Elderly Couple Walked on the Dance Floor!

Pete & Beulah Mae Swing Dancing and Performing an Hilarious Comedy Dance.

Many of today’s seniors grew up during the ’40s, ’50s, and ’60s and these decades had them swing dancing and jiving as teenagers to all the popular dance hits. Just because they’re older today, seniors can still show us a few dance moves and their swing dancing routines are so impressive that many younger people would have trouble keeping up with them!

When Pete and Beulah Mae walked on the dance floor with their canes, most people started giggling. But when the music started, they gave the audience a wonderfully comical routine that they will never forget.

Watch Pete and Beulah Mae swing dancing…


Pete and Beulah Mae have been dancing their entire lives and they are gifted entertainers and dancers. Please share this cute dance by an elderly couple with some sweet moves with your friends and family.

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