This Chihuahua Just Saw Something Outside and He Can’t Contain His Excitement! So Cute!

Milo the Chihuahua Meets His 2-Day-Old Baby Sister for the First Time.

Dogs can be one of the best friends a baby could have and dogs will always somehow make babies laugh because of their cute reactions. Milo the Chihuahua probably never seen a tiny human before but he can’t wait to see his little baby sister who is only 2 days old!

Just as the car arrives, Milo can’t contain his excitement and runs and jumps everywhere until┬áhe sees mommy and baby through the screen door. When she enters the house, he is so happy to meet his little baby sister for the first time and it is so adorable.

Watch Milo the Chihuahua meet his baby sister for the first time…


They are going to be friends for life and will be so cute together when Milo’s baby sister begins crawling! Please share the adorable reaction of Milo the Chihuahua when he meets his 2-day-old baby sister with your friends and family.

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