This Little Girl Did the Most Thoughtful Thing for Her Parents at Her Christmas Concert

LIttle Girl Signs during Her Kindergarden Christmas Concert.

If there is anything in the world that could instill the Christmas spirit in anyone, it would be watching a Kindergarten Christmas concert. What made this Christmas concert even more special is what a little girl named Claire Koch did for her parents who attended her concert.

Claire is a KODA (kid of deaf adults) and she signs throughout her concert so that her deaf parents can enjoy her play. Her parents could not be happier to have a kid as sweet as their daughter and this video will warm your heart.

Watch this heartwarming video of a child signing a Christmas song for┬áher deaf parents…


This video made my day and please share it with your friends and family if you enjoyed it also. She is incredibly cute and her facial expressions during the performance will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

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