Homeless People Wrote One Fact about Themselves and It Will Open Your Eyes and Your Heart.

Every day, many of us pass by a homeless person but never think twice about what led to them being homeless. Rethink Homelessness, an organization in Central Florida, wanted to provide a voice to the homeless in Orlando, Florida and let people hear their story.

The following powerful video makes us aware that it doesn’t matter what your educational background or work history is, homelessness is brought about by a number of factors and it is a daily struggle for many people. The cardboard campaign teaches us that everybody has a story and we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover because it is what’s inside that counts.

“I went to modeling school”

“I am homeless and I do have a job.”

“I’ve saved at least 3 lives.”

“I speak ‘4’ languages.”

“Me and my son escaped domestic violence!”

Watch ‘Cardboard Stories,’ a short film about the homeless in Orlando…


Homelessness can happen to anybody and once we get past the myths of being homeless, we can begin to help people that are truly in need. Please share these powerful messages written on cardboard by homeless people in Orlando with your friends and family.

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