Bullies Broke Into Her Locker and Told Her She Should Die. You Won’t Believe What She Did…

Bullies Broke Into Caitlin Prater-Haackehad's Locker, an Alberta High School Student, and Told Her She Should Die. Her Response to Bullying Will Inspire You.

Bullying is a huge problem in schools and kids who are victims of bullying often feel isolated and powerless. Only when they speak up against bullies and tell others that they are victims of bullying will they be able to regain their self-confidence. Feeling ashamed of being bullied and keeping these feelings bottled up is not the answer.

Alberta high school student Caitlin Prater-Haackehad had her school locker broken into by bullies in late September. They used her iPad to login to her Facebook account and posted several messages that encouraged her to die.

She didn’t seek revenge but instead stood up to her bullies by spreading love with Post-it notes. She wrote inspiring and uplifting messages on each note and stuck them on every single locker in her school.

Watch how this young woman stood up against bullying and inspired her classmates…


Caitlin is an awesome person and hope she provides inspiration to other teenagers (or adults!) who are victims of bullying. Kudos to her family for raising such an awesome young lady! She stands up to bullies and finds a positive way to shut down bullies and inspires others in the process.

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