A 5th Grader Was Being Bullied at School. What These Football Players Did for Him Will Inspire You.

Schoolkids can sometimes be cruel towards other kids especially when it comes to bullying. Some kids endure harassment because victims of bullying typically are afraid of telling their parents. Also, they don’t get a chance to find a mentor to help them through it.

Two High School Football Players Protect 5th Grader from Bullying.

Chris Kuykendall is a star football player who was also bullied as a kid. When he heard someone at his school was being bullied, he invited him to have lunch in the cafeteria at school. Just being associated with a football player made the bullies stop harassing him; therefore, Kuykendall invited his teammate Brevin Young to do the same thing.

Together they formed a group called ‘Eagle Buddies’ which seeks to pair senior school athletes with kids to help them improve their confidence and protect them if necessary. Watch how they help change the lives of so many bullied kids on a recent episode of The Meredith Vieira Show.

Watch two high school football players tackle bullying…


It gives you a great feeling knowing that teenagers like Chris and Brevin take the initiative to help kids that are being bullied. Please share this great story of two football players helping victims of bullying get the confidence and protection they need with your friends and family.

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